Notes 9/1

September 1, 2016


  • Image Searches
    • How to find images you can use from internet without being sued
      • Images – search tools – usage rights – labeled for reuse
      • Creative commons image search
  • Fonts
    • Google fonts = better choice ( because there is no copyright issues – click red button
  • Photoshop
    • Size of project on syllabus
    • Make sure you are at 100% zoom so your font sizes are accurate
    • Export as JPEG every so often
      • Use for blog posts – this is how far I am today
  • Intro to HTML (use dreamweaver)
    • Don’t use spaces or special characters for file names
    • Name files index because it’s the first file it finds
    • All HTML needs to be in body tab
    • There are 6 headers <h#>
    • If you change anything and want to view in browser you can do command r to refresh and see changes
    • If you see red on the side numbers in dreamweaver that means something is wrong
    • <p> = paragraph
    • Use px(pixels) as measurements in photoshop files
    • Using dreamweaver to create something
      • New document – HTML
      • Make sure it is set to HTML 5 under doc type
      • Create
      • Make sure you’re in code mode (3 buttons at top)
      • Save to desktop (rachel_for_web)
        • Transfer to external hard drive after
      • Screenshot 1
      • <p> (next line)paragraph (next line) </p>
        • Screenshot 2
      • Images
        • <img src=”(select file and name will go here)/>
        • Screenshot 3
      • CSS (cascading style sheet)
        • How to add css
          • Dreamweaver- new – select CSS – create – save as style.css in folder
          • On original document go to CSS designer on right side – + sources – attach existing – select file – ok ( a button should pop up under file names at top
          • Screenshot 4 should be result
          • Screenshot 5 is next step
          • For background image do screenshot 6 in style file




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