Info for project 2-site pages

Home: Make the buttons (with or without icons) images that are linked to the pages

Portfolio: Make all images the same size on the page with class name under (make the photo and class name into an image on photoshop and add it that way to make it easier) and link those to other pages (make PDF’s or a seperate page that open when clicked on) with more info (see research post for what to put there).

About: Brief description of myself in terms of school, link to resume PDF under description, add a photo of myself (creative portrait not a selfie).

Contact: have an email box like in your last project (with email cloaking / anti-harvesting script 5), go to research post to look at the design you liked for social media (linked in and word press)

Incorporate social networking: put this in the footer (not on home page) of the different pages as well as on the contact page (see above)


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