For Finals

Anything bold is still needed!

  • Link to site on zip space (like we did last time)
  • On dropbox in a folder with your name:
    • Wireframes- desktop and mobile (4 files)
    • my code of site (zipped folder)
    • A pdf of the look of your site (screenshots of page put into laptop template) make this look nice and like your site, need a “cover” image (logo, web 1, url of site)
    • Pdf of all notes
  • Website requirements:
    • Homepage with design statement (index.html)
    • Portfolio section (10-15 pieces) including a detail page for each portfolio piece
      • Name of work:
      • Date: fall of whatever
      • Media:
      • Role: (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)
      • Class:
      • Description: 1 paragraph. Can talk about goal of project if for a class and whatnot
    • Link to blog
    • Contact page with email cloaking/anti harvesting script
    • Downloadable resume PDF
    • Thumbnails as ul
    • 1 CSS file
    • Incorporate social media
    • Fancybox popups where they work best (pdfs of detail pages) (how to in class code on desktop)

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