10 inspiration sites

  1. http://www.onlyorca.com/work/
    1. I like the simple layout the portfolio page uses. I like that all of the different pieces line up at the top and bottom of the pieces but are all varying widths and they all fit together nicely.
  2. http://www.omnia.ae/work/
    1. I also like this portfolio page layout. I like how the different pieces are all right up against the others. All images are the same size on page so some are partial pieces but when you click each image you see the full thing with many different details.
  3. http://marinaccio.it/freelance/
    1. I like the social media icons at the bottom. They are just black and white but when hovered over the colors the different sites use appear. I also like how small the icons are.
  4. http://moritzwelker.com
    1. I like the menu. Since menu bars tend to be at the top of the pages or as a list on the side I liked how this looked because it catches the eye and is different. Need to use fairly short and one word page names though so its readable going vertically.
  5. http://lucianomarx.ch/work-2/
    1. I like the hover/rollover effect on the work. I could do something similar but have the class name the pieces are from be the text.
  6. http://jessicahische.is/working
    1. I like that on the portfolio page you only see a partial image and then you see the full image once you click on it and I like how simple the detail page is when you click to see the full image. I want to use that in my site.
  7. http://www.andyhau.com/about/
    1. I like the subtle accents of color in the otherwise mainly black and white pages. The accents are the same color, some are parts of text and some accents are only on rollover. This site also does what number 3 does with the social media icon rollover. I want to do this with my site(mainly black and white or gray minus the accents and pieces which have color).
  8. http://larstornoe.com/about/
    1. I like how they use accents like in the previous site but I like that the contact and about pages background is the color of the accent. I want to do this so it will help to either have a lighter shade bg so the rollover effects still show or put a white bg for the menu section.
  9. http://jeremypeters.co.uk/projects
    1. I like the use of accent colors here as well. I like the black, white, gray and accent color better than here though, not enough contrast for me here.
  10.  http://www.deselle.com/2015/index.html#about
    1. I like the simple about page here. Last time I didn’t use a photo of me on the about page but I want to try this time.

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