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How Does a User See Design?

(users being non designers here!)

Designers know the difference between typefaces but non-designers don’t. All they will care about is if they can read it easily and it looks good.

The color of the text, although important, can go unnoticed by the viewer. While designers see a big difference in slightly different colors, finding the perfect shade of green is big to us. However the user, no matter what shade of green, will simply see green. Slight color shifts will likely go unnoticed by non designers.

Buttons and links need to be obvious because if not the viewer may loose interest or may not even try to find them.

Minimalism makes it hard for the viewer. Designers see this as simple and beautiful but non designers see it as stark.

Viewers know branding. Changes to a brand can be confusing. This is why it is important to figure out how to brand yourself so you can stay consistent.

It’s our job, as designers, to make sure things work for the viewer.


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