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Designing for the Web: Are There Colors You Should Avoid?

  • Neons
    • Hard on the eyes, less readable
    • Distracting
    • Neon backgrounds = overpowering

Try this instead: Remove the brightness so they have a darker and more subtle look. 

  • Vibrating colors
    • Kind of annoying to look at
    • Gives an aggressive vibe
    •  Unpleasant

Try this instead: Avoid them. If you must use them separate then with a neutral color.

  • Light on light / Dark on dark / Bright on bright
    • Hard to read
    • Not enough contrast

Try this instead: Use more contrasting colors.

  • Rainbow
    • Too many colors
    • Overpowering/ overwhelming

Try this instead: Have some limit to the number of colors. Personally, 5 different colors is pushing it, especially for web design. Use color blocking. The style lets you use a wider variety of colors without it being too much. 

  • “K” black
    • Becomes flat digitally
    • Best for printed work

Try this instead: Use a black with hints of coloring or use the very dark shades of colors that are almost black, lighten to gray, use a black with a little more of a bluish tone to offset orange or yellow hues and the other way around.



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