Site plan

I want do to a continuous scroll. Like as you scroll you see all the different parts like all of the examples of past sites because they look really cool

I think I’m gonna do the simple logo that is stared in sketchbook because its simple and clean like I want my site to be.


Header/menu bar: thin gray bar at top, low opacity if I can, simple type in menu, darker gray text, for hover effect do the accent color slightly darker

About: accent color background, bio mentioning my interest in photography in darker gray text, photo of myself either cutting out whole background or photo in a circle

Portfolio: white background, circles with the effect of zoomed in/cropped pieces with accent color pop up, maybe slightly lowered opacity on that

Contact:accent color background, simple email form with white or light gray text

Footer: gray background, darker gray social media icons, link to resume with accent color button and white text

Have a page that links right to blog in menu bar

For detail pages have white background with the darker gray text, images on left and text on right



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