Notes (Thursday 16th)

Keep in mind that for the next few weeks you have to work on machine in classroom!

  • Code has to housed in htdocs folder in the MAMP folder in application menu
  • New document/ PHP/create (no difference between this and HTML) but when you save it it saves as PHP
  • Save as index.PHP like
  • Have to type localhost:8888 in url box to get to server (can only fire code that is in there)
  • Open source means it is free and anyone can develop on it, community is developing it
  • Downloaded wordpress and it is saved as rachel_wordpress in php folder
  • Open wp-config.php in dreamweaver
  • Go to localhost8888/MAMP/tools in menu bar/phpMyAdmin/ will open new window and make a new database
  • Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 9.48.14 AM.png
  • Database name:rachelportdb, Host:localhost, Username:rachelportmydpad, Password:123456
  • Type all of this in on dreamweaver in the correct sections in the wp-config document
  • If all done right should look like screenshot after clicking the second link on original (localhost:8888)pageScreen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.20.48 AM.png
  • WordPress username: rachel_admin, password: 123456
  • Dashboard: back end – look and feel: front end
  • Dashboard for wordpress and localhost:8888 are saved in bookmarks
  • Header and footer php will be separate so they remain consistent through all pages
  • Make a new php and delete everything
  • Back to original and take everything about the first comment and paste it in new file and save it as header.php in htdocks, wp-content, themes, and in the folder we made
  • Make new doc and do the same thing but copy main stuff and paste in a new file and save as index.php in same folder as before
  • Do same thing for footer and save as footer.php (make sure you go to bottom not just end of footer)
  • Did a lot of code you will need to refer to to do custom themes but it isn’t anything too bad once you get to your site and it all worked so the code is all good
  • Made a folder on desktop called “code for custom themes” on desktop for reference

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