Notes (Thursday, 23rd)

  • We use php because that it what wordpress uses.
  • In the index file lines 1 and 16 get the header(1) and the footer(16) files and puts them into the index page. Basically puts all the separate files together. This makes changes easier because if you change the header or footer it changes on every page.
  • Colons in code means there is more to come like in <?php if (have_posts()):;?>   
  • All posts have two fields:
    • Title and content
  • By adding the <h3> before fetching title the title will be headline 3 size (line 7 in screenshot below)
  • Result should be what is shown below (left= code, right= site)Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 9.40.45 AM.png
  • With php you have to tell it to fetch all of the different things
  • If you go to dashboard and go to your pages tab and on the right there should be a template drop down menu and you can select contact and be sure to hit update
  • To make this for the other pages duplicate contact and change the template name (Template Name: whatever page) to the page name and change category name in line below to the same thing Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.02.02 AM.png
  • Make sure that when you select that template type that you hit the update button
  • After all this if you hit each page in the nav bar it should only display the appropriate content per page
  • Take out home page title in nav bar and just use the logo for navigating home
  • You should just be able to copy all of your information into this file to make the site mine
  • If you change the dates on the portfolio thumbnails you can move them around since they upload by date (add them backwards to get them how you have them already)

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