Notes (Tuesday, 28th)

  • Some notes today may be repeat from previous classes since he’s showing us how to build it using different code (someone’s ‘finished’ site)
  • Name a new folder with the other themes: rachelharget_portfolio_theme
  • Open site and screenshot it and put in folder (HAVE to name it screenshot)
  • Command i and uncheck height something
  • Open your site info from hard drive and copy it all into the theme folder
  • Rename index.html original.html
  • Have the other portfolio open so you can copy and paste things rather than typing it all out
  • Copy all of the header
  • Make a new php document and paste stuff there and save as header.php
  • Do the same thing for the footer saving as footer.php
  • Copy and paste main and make new php file and paste in and save as index.php
  • In header have title field put <?php bloginfo(‘name’);?> so it will bring in the title of your site from wordpress
  • <?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’);?> this is in the document you have so you can figure that out
  • 1 option is to replace nav with <?php wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=menu_order&depth=1&title_li’);?>
  • Will be easiest to have the code from class open and copy and paste things so it all looks the same (could copy and paste it all and change for what you need
  • You’ll use loops for each section for single page scroller like he does for each separate page but it will all go in your index.php rather than multiple pages
  • Make sure about stuff in <p>blah blah about me </p>
  • Make sure to do all the theme name stuff in the css file
  • Title your portfolio pieces the name of them
  • With this the thumbnails will be the ones from in class so you’ll just add all yours and delete those first two later
  • For each portfolio piece you’ll hit the text button at the top under the title (visual and text buttons) then in the text section you’ll just copy and paste all the code (name, role, etc.) for that specific piece (be sure regular text is <p>sidjfjffj</p>)
  • You’ll do the same thing as above with the info for your about page
  • You’ll need to set up a new field, port medium in the wordpress site  (image field)

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