Have PDF of site like last semester but put notes in there at the end.

Markus will need the look and feel PDF

Notes PDF

Code will be collected week 15

Things to fix/play with

  • Zazzle part needs help
    • Up too high and cutting into contact section
    • Not lining up on left side, fixing that will fix cut off on right side I think
    • Once other stuff fixed it needs adjusted for mobile
  • Mobile comes up zoomed in a little (at least on my phone)
    • Test on iPhone to see how that looks compared to android
    • Test on iPad to see how that looks(oh well)
  • Single pages could use some help on mobile
  • Need to link email to the one at cPannel
    • Use same site I did and replace that code portion with the one for new email
    • Ask how to set that up through a gmail

Notes (Tuesday,14th)

  • single.php cannot have any categories
  • Can click to have images in single if you use plugin easy fancybox )have to add some code to the header and footer and black wordpress bar will come up on top)
    • If there’s a gallery you have to link to media file not attachment
  • Can make a third field called port_large and link it in the code the same way port_medium is

Site issues

Portfolio pieces won’t show up on my theme, I changed to a different theme and they showed up. Need help fixing that.

Need to center the contact section info and buttons and make sure it actually likes to my resume.

Still need to make the single pages for the rest of the portfolio pieces (have to do on web class computer though)